SCMD Workshop downloader 2

SCMD Workshop downloader 2

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(Inside SCMD Workshop Downloader 2 you can download SteamCMD too!)


This application seeks to facilitate the use of SteamCMD for any user looking to download items from it. It can download mods, process collections, and create useful scripts to update servers.

What it can do

  • Download mods from Steam Workshop
  • Download collections from Steam Workshop
  • Create scripts for SteamCMD
  • Show you a preview of the links you enter
  • Customize the color palette of the application
  • Change the folder where the files are downloaded
  • Download items larger than 300 MB (Activating the corresponding option)

Social Media

My Youtube Channel:

My Discord Server:


  • How to use it?

SCMD Workshop Downloader 2 will tell you how to use it if you click on the options button and enter the INFORMATION & HELP tab. Also, I made a tutorial:

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If any folder containing SteamCMD is named with a non-english character, it won’t work. Install SteamCMD in some folder generated by Windows! (Like Program Files or Downloads)

  • How does it works?

SCMD Workshop Downloader 2 is a user interface to interact with SCMD List Manager that ultimately will analyze the links you enter in order to recognize if they are items or collections and collect all the information you need from them in order to generate a functional script for your use in SteamCMD to download the files corresponding to the links entered initially.

  • Can you make any game work with this method?

Since the only role of the application in regards to downloading the item you want is to get the information needed to use a script to download it with SteamCMD, no.

Whether a game allows downloads of its Workshop items without purchasing the game is entirely up to the creators of the game. If you want to know which games allow this operation you can enter the following link:

Likewise, SCMD Workshop Downloader 2 will notify you if the link you entered belongs to a game on the list.

  • Is this legal?

SCMD Workshop Downloader 2 is only a means to use SteamCMD; an official tool that you can find at:

So yes, you will not be banned from using it with your account.

  • Is this a virus?

No, but it can be detected as one in the form of a false positive: It’s a bit my fault. I’ve had problems with PyInstaller (The tool with which you convert Python code into an executable) and when I create a program that happens, but I’m not the only one, here is some information that may help you understand:

If you know of any way to fix this problem please let me know, I’ll add the fix as soon as I can. Also, all the source code is here; you can check it out if needed.

  • Can my computer run SCMD Workshop Downloader 2?

As long as you’re using Windows 10-64 bits, yes.

Please let me know if you have tried it on any other operating system and it worked.

  • What happens to my personal information?

Any data you enter into SCMD Workshop Downloader 2 is stored only and exclusively on your computer.

About Me

I’m pretty new to programming, by the time I release this app it’s been about a month since I started, I know my code isn’t very good but I hope everything works fine. If you want to contact me, improve or use my code or help me with something; let me know! I will be happy to collaborate. You can contact me on Discord.

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