¿Getting Married?

Features of Service !

Countdown Timer

Countdown to your wedding day! Let your guests know how many days, hours and seconds until the big event.

Photo gallery

Show your family and friends the most memorable moments with your partner in the form of a photo gallery.

Gift List

Inform your guests where you have left your gift list, linking to their website.

Love Story

Show off your love story; Tell them how you met, became engaged, and got to this great day.

Hotels And More

Are your guests traveling to your wedding? Recommend Hotels, Attractions, and Activities in the city.


Don’t let your guests get lost! Instead, integrate Google Maps to detail all the locations of your wedding.


Let your guests know the detailed itinerary of your entire wedding so that they are always on time.

Congratulations Mailbox

Your guests and relatives can leave messages in your congratulations mailbox; you will decide which one you approve of and publish.


Upload your guest list and pass assignments, and allow them to confirm with you through a form or email.

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